Risposte Turismo – a research and consulting company led by Francesco di Cesare – is a network of consultants, researchers and professionals, specialised in providing project and operational solutions to organisations and companies involved in the tourist macro-industry that are dealing with strategic or management issues. Risposte Turismo is engaged in consulting and educational activities, as well as direct management of events and ad hoc initiatives.

Examples of consulting activities include analysis of tourist dynamics that characterise various territories, the elaboration of strategic plans aimed at addressing basic choices and the efficiency of tourist destinations, the support to the elaboration of communication and commercial policies, the calculation of impacts and consequences of activities and investments carried out by one or more companies for the benefit of specific territories, as well as the ones linked to big events.

Moreover, Risposte Turismo is directly following specific projects. It looks after, carries out and distributes the online magazine Le Pagine di Risposte Turismo that contributes to enhancing the discussions and favouring the growth of those involved or interested in the tourism sector, created and organizes Italian Cruise Day, the first national forum dedicated to cruise industry and tourism, Adriatic Sea Forum – cruise, ferry, sail & yacht, the first international event dedicated to maritime tourism in the Adriatic, and Shopping Tourism. Il forum italiano, the first forum dedicated to the shopping tourism phenomenon in Italy.

Since 2011 Risposte Turismo has realised numerous consulting projects and analysis for public and private entities, at an Italian and European level. This continuous productivity still gives to Risposte Turismo specific competences to some sectors of the tourism industry, among which maritime and coastal tourism, events management, cultural tourism, destination management, film-induced tourism, shopping tourism. Risposte Turismo doesn’t limit the areas of work, being always proactive and paying attention to new trends and phenomenon, deepening different topics and issues that could become research fields.

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